Darby Peng | Property Analyst

Meet Darby

Darby stands out as a Chartered Financial Analyst, delivering powerful insights and positive outcomes to our clients.

His expertise has positively impacted clients across Australia, the United States, and the Middle East. Specialising in real estate and infrastructure, Darby’s exceptional ability to conduct comprehensive due diligence and intricate financial analyses has consistently led to successful transactions. This proficiency ensures the successful oversight of intricate projects from inception to completion.

Darby meticulously manages preliminary transaction assessments, executes thorough due diligence, and conducts critical credit analysis. His responsibilities extend to crafting and forwarding lending transactions to the Investment Committee, as well as providing post-settlement support and managing ongoing transactions. This holistic approach to project handling underscores Darby’s commitment to excellence and strategic thinking.

Darby possesses an appreciation for nature and often spends his weekends hiking, camping, and exploring WA. He loves hosting gatherings and cooking for family and friends.

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