Jeremy Urbach | Responsible Manager

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy is a highly-skilled lawyer with a background in funds management, asset management, property transactions, and taxation, bringing a wealth of expertise to Bowery Capital.

As the Responsible Manager under Bowery’s AFSL, his leadership ensures compliance and strategic oversight in financial services. Additionally, Jeremy serves as a Director for Jameson Capital and System Two Private Capital, showcasing his broad leadership and strategic planning capabilities within the financial industry.

Before this, Jeremy dedicated eight years to Macquarie Group, where he excelled in providing structured finance solutions to real estate developers. His work also involved originating and managing opportunistic development real estate funds and single asset syndicates.

Professional recognitions include being a Fellow of the Tax Institute and a Senior Associate of FINSIA, highlighting Jeremy’s contribution to the financial and legal professions. With a commitment to community, he also participates on the State Committee for MND Victoria — a leading organisation for motor neuron disease support.

With a score of academic achievements, experiences, and commitment to quality, we’re proud and pleased to have Jeremy on our team.

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