Manesh Nesaratnam | Brand Strategist

Meet Manesh

A dynamic Brand Strategist with a background as a filmmaker and storyteller, Manesh crafts impactful marketing strategies and compelling narratives for Bowery.

His unique approach is characterised by an emphasis on human connection and storytelling, seamlessly blending his creative prowess with strategic marketing. Spearheading Bowery’s brand strategy and marketing efforts, Manesh leads with a people-first ethos. He firmly believes that while numbers and data are crucial for measuring impact, it’s the human connections that drive meaningful change — an approach Bowery has enthusiastically adopted.

Dedicated to setting Bowery apart, Manesh identifies the most effective tactics to engage our ideal clients, supports us with compelling content, and helps us achieve our marketing objectives. His efforts always come back to elevating the Bowery brand and connecting with our audience on a deeper level.

Manesh’s past experience serving government, global brands and public listed companies across Asia Pacific as a Content Producer, Scriptwriter, and Director enriches his creative approach. Highly personable and approachable, Manesh’s innovative and analytical thinking makes him an invaluable asset at Bowery.

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