Vann Fisher | Director

Meet Vann

Vann boasts over 45 years of expertise in private legal practice, with a focus on commercial succession structuring and related matters.

His tenure at Wisewould Mahony as a Consultant underscores his proficiency in navigating complex legal landscapes. Vann’s strategic insights have also flourished in his involvement in legal practice mortgage activities for over two decades and in his foundational role at Wall Street Consulting Pty Ltd, where he has guided private and corporate clients around sound strategic issues and aspirations.

As a founder and key figure at Bowery Capital, Vann is driven by a desire to create better returns and flexible funding for our clients. He oversees legal compliance, risk management, and governance, contributing to the firm’s strategic direction and investment decisions as a member of both the Investment Committee and Credit Committee. His foundational education in law and economics underpins his analytical and strategic capabilities.

With a belief that a well-rounded life balances professional success with personal fulfilment, Vann is committed to his family, maintains a healthy lifestyle, and has a passion for travel and contemporary art.

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