Mark Murray | Director

Meet Mark

Mark brings a wealth of commercial experience to Bowery, with a strong focus on process optimisation, strategic planning, coaching, and culture enhancement.

With a robust background in strategic management spanning 15 years, Mark has honed his expertise launching new ventures, crafting compelling value propositions, and driving business growth. As CEO, he ensures Bowery’s organisational frameworks and business operations align with our goals and culture. Mark is also instrumental in steering the company’s strategic direction — particularly around being a progressive funding partner.

Under his leadership, the team thrives on innovation, collaboration, and continuous development, highlighting his exceptional skills in people management and team building.

Outside of his professional achievements, Mark’s world revolves around his family — his greatest support and joy (other than the mighty Tigers!). Mark’s balanced approach to leadership and life is felt throughout the company, fostering a supportive environment where business and personal growth are celebrated.

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